Minecraft Seeds: 1363181899730807241 ~ 9/2/2014

[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.3 - 1.7]

This seed is full of incredible scenery across a large area thousands of blocks wide. Highlights include the arch at (x=-540, z=-330) and the dramatic cave at (x=380, z=760). Thanks to Aminom for discovering another great seed!

1363181899730807241 1 Wallpaper, Download 1363181899730807241 1 Images Minecraft Ideas

1363181899730807241 2 Wallpaper, Download 1363181899730807241 2 Images Minecraft Ideas

1363181899730807241 3 Wallpaper, Download 1363181899730807241 3 Images Minecraft Ideas

Minecraft Seed: 1363181899730807241

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Minecraft Seeds: Jaffa Cake ~ 9/2/2014

Tankman found this seed which spawns you right outside a jungle temple containing some valuable loot!

Jaffa Cake 1 Wallpaper, Download Jaffa Cake 1 Images Minecraft Ideas

Jaffa Cake 3 Wallpaper, Download Jaffa Cake 3 Images Minecraft Ideas

Jaffa Cake 2 Wallpaper, Download Jaffa Cake 2 Images Minecraft Ideas

Minecraft Seed: Jaffa Cake

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Minecraft Seeds: Quesadila ~ 9/1/2014

[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.3 - 1.7]

The seed Quesadila contains two surface dungeons right next to each other at (x=-8, z=30). There are also some dramatic overhanging mountains in the surrounding area.

Quesadila 1 Wallpaper, Download Quesadila 1 Images Minecraft Ideas

Quesadila 2 Wallpaper, Download Quesadila 2 Images Minecraft Ideas

Quesadila 3 Wallpaper, Download Quesadila 3 Images Minecraft Ideas

Minecraft Seed: Quesadila

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Minecraft Seeds: 15 Epic Minecraft Xbox 360 Seeds ~ 8/29/2014

minecraftxbox360 590x331 Wallpaper, Download minecraftxbox360 590x331 Images Minecraft IdeasToday we gonna share 15 epic minecraft xbox 360 seeds for the fans of minecraft game! These are huge collection of the our database. Keep following us.

Minecraft’s reality era is a reasonably irregular issue. Out of sight, the practically boundless amusement world is made focused around many-sided calculations. However, a truth that few individuals know, the fundamental code the world is focused around, what is known as the seed, is simply a couple of characters long. Naturally, the diversion snatches the current framework time as the fundamental information for the beginning estimations of a world and runs with that. However those seeds might be affected, they could be duplicated and glued into Minecraft’s underlying code and consequently renders the players equipped to go and reproduce planets.

15 Epic Minecraft Xbox 360 Seeds

TU16 Seeds

Xbox Seed: 13140

It has lots of villages, jungles, and fancy diamonds

TU15 Seeds

Xbox Seed: 3077009525827817119

You’ll find a desert temple in the jungle. This seed has also 6 villages.

Xbox Seed: 11111611112

Custom moderated minecraft seed.

TU14 Seeds

Xbox Seed: -6120648606982687686

This is an entertainment minecraft xbox 360 seed. 2 temple, 2 villages, 1 desert temple

Xbox Seed: 540 930 465 830 201 968

Did you miss the superflat seeds of minecraft xbox 360?  This seed is just for you.

Xbox Seed: hosting

Water world seed with Mushroom Biome islands.

Xbox Seed: 643303722674891496

this seed has amazing jungle and Desert Temple

Xbox Seed: 2278330216911135121

2 Desert Temples on the rock!

TU13 Seeds


This seed is a great survival island.


This seed has a giang mountain

Xbox Seed: 70900

This seed spawns you on a mushroom island with one seed.

Xbox Seed: 1035639610983626337

This seed has hollow mountains and a blacksmith with 3 diamonds.

TU12 Seeds


This seed has epic large mountain.

Xbox Seed: Ezio Auditore

Unique mountain formations

Xbox Seed: Donkey Kong

Extensive case system for 360 xbox minecraft seed

TU11 Seeds

Seed: guess wot? poop

this seed has 7 mushroom islands.

Xbox Seed: 8310647020406706875

Here’s a seed with a large swamp biome.

Xbox Seed: c27j83

This map has the smallest winter biome

Xbox Seed: shellacked

Blue cave, waterfalls

Xbox Seed: mjolnir

Hardest survival seed

Xbox Seed: The Gods Must Be Crazy

Far cry seed

Xbox Seed: -2061630068 

The -is included

Xbox Seed: -1623773494

The -is included. Blacksmiths a lot

Xbox Seed: goldbar7 

goldbar seed for xbox 360 minecraft

Xbox Seed: Bandaar

A huge desert with three villages!

Xbox Seed: -1575046814

Mid sized survival island seed!

Xbox Seed: 1137733215

Giant cave system with an underground stronghold.


this world has not got any trees. its fantastic!

Xbox Seed: 1176972

find super islands!

Xbox Seed: -848195197

this world has surface dungeons in a big desert.

Xbox Seed: 7625763599575718302

you will find mushroom biome

Xbox Seed: -4481378163007594740

massive mountains, giant deserts

Xbox Seed: 11001 

in this seed its hard to find islands

Xbox Seed: 653972230

massive caves and ravines.

Xbox Seed: -358274829

you can create everything in this seed

Xbox Seed: The Miner

giant winter biome seed

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Minecraft Seeds: 8 Epic Minecraft House Ideas ~ 8/27/2014

Minecraft   House   1 Wallpaper, Download Minecraft   House   1 Images Minecraft Ideas

Minecraft Modern House Ideas 2014

Minecraft  House Wallpaper, Download Minecraft  House Images Minecraft Ideas

Check out more minecraft houses!

Minecraft 1 House 2 Ideas Wallpaper, Download Minecraft 1 House 2 Ideas Images Minecraft Ideas Minecraft House 2 Wallpaper, Download Minecraft House 2 Images Minecraft Ideas Minecraft House 42 Wallpaper, Download Minecraft House 42 Images Minecraft Ideas Minecraft SUPERB House Wallpaper, Download Minecraft SUPERB House Images Minecraft Ideas MinecraftHouse Wallpaper, Download MinecraftHouse Images Minecraft Ideas Modern Minecraft House Wallpaper, Download Modern Minecraft House Images Minecraft Ideas

if you like these houses, please re-pin!

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