[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.3 – 1.7]This seed contains tall mountain ranges, huge caves and very oddly shaped floating islands and overhangs. Credit goes to AloSec for the discovery!Minecraft Seed: -442650539972332399

Minecraft Ideas for Rooms

Minecraft Ideas for Rooms, Hello dear minecraftseedslist.org users. I would introduce minecraft ideas for rooms today. I prefer best gallery images for the ideas. If you want to build cool, epic mcx room, look at our superior ideas. Here is the gallery >


[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.3 – 1.7]This seed spawns you in complete darkness inside a spider dungeon making it almost impossible to survive without cheats. Once outside there is a large desert with many medium sized mountains.Minecraft Seed:&nb…


[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.3 – 1.7]This seed contains a huge lake surrounded by a circle of floating mountains at (x=-400, z=-2700) creating an amazing lagoon. The mountains in the third picture are located at (x=-400, z=500).Minecraft Seed:&nb…


[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.3 – 1.7]This seed contains a variety of icy overhangs surrounded by a large pine forest at (x=-165, z=510). The overhang in the third picture is located at (x=0, z=130).Minecraft Seed: 1474776471

Minecraft Solving-Fixing Errors

Minecraft Solving-Fixing Errors – Minecraft java error – connection reset – fix – windows xp – vista – win8 – nt – 2000 – minecraft error fix solutions – end of steam – fix the problem – hamachi errors – bad login error fix – black screen error fix – bad video car drivers error […]

Minecraft Ideas

BEST MINECRAFT IDEAS LightHouse Ideas Restaurant Ideas Farming Ideas German House Ideas French House Ideas Japanese House Ideas Plane Ideas Graffiti ideas How to make diamond pickaxe ideas How to make papercraft How to make steve head Cool House Ideas !! Best Minecraft Creations ideas Pixel Art Ideas Amazing Minecraft Creations New Epic Building Ideas […]


If you are looking for a good Minecraft 1.3 starter world, this seed is perfect. Close to spawn at (x=-390, z=300) you will find an NPC village with 9 diamonds in the blacksmith’s chest. There is also a desert temple directly in front of the village.Mi…


[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.8]Duverfred discovered this seed which contains an NPC village on water in front of a tall mountain range at (x=250, z=1000).Minecraft Seed: 1091183527952791163

How to Make Steve Head at Home

Great for kids Minecraft themed parties or if you just want Steve head as a mask. If you don’t want to download and create your own Steve head, you could always buy the official Minecraft Steve mask over at Jinx Also in the below image is the pickaxe papercraft template you can also create.  Search papercraft to find more […]

Dead Mau5

[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.3 – 1.7]The seed Dead Mau5 creates an epic world with overhanging cliffs surrounding a valley and a large lava lake. There is also an above-ground dungeon at (x=-266,z=15).Minecraft Seed: Dead Mau5

minecraft house blueprints pe

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[This seed is for Minecraft 1.0]This is a great survival island seed creating a small island with one tree, sand and lots of ore underground.Minecraft Seed: -232085906


[This seed is for Minecraft 1.1]This seed creates a giant hollowed out mountain at (x=25, z=275) and was discovered by the legendary seed-finder aminom.Minecraft Seed: 7407028261324894234


[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.3 – 1.7]The main attraction of this seed is the giant cliff that overhangs into the middle of a lake (x=36, z=-50). If you look at the side there is also an exposed spider dungeon.Minecraft Seeds: 567734449287919…


[This seed is for Minecraft 1.1]Sprite is a classic survival island seed with a single tree, sugarcane and nothing but sea for hundreds of blocks.Minecraft Seed: Sprite

Best Minecraft Seeds Website on the Web!

One of the most well played games around the World is Minecraft, and when you play Minecraft there are many different Minecraft Seeds available for the Minecraft user to look through. Minecraft Seeds can do a lot for you while you are playing the game. Minecraft is a blank slate game that allows players to build objects and dig for other objects. The items they find while digging can be used to create other items such as walls and windows. In the game people can farm vegetables just like in the real world and have animals on their land that will provide them with food and articles such as wool and cloth.

Minecraft Seeds allows you to use your imagination and build buildings out of items you find, while digging on your land. It is about breaking blocks and then rebuilding them into certain buildings such as a house, farm or castle. Minecraft can also be about exploring unknown lands with your friends.

In Minecraft there are different weather types that you will experience such as rain, snow and sunshine. There is also night and day in the game so you can experience play in both.