The Best Mobile Game Controller for Pubg (Playerunknowns Battlegrounds)

At Amazon there are hundreds of mobile controllers, all of which work on the same principle, but always look a little different and sometimes use different techniques to implement it. I chose two of them from the huge offer and just ordered them. One of them is partly good, the other one is absolute crap.

Since there are no batteries or something like that, you don’t have to pay attention to anything. Simply clamp your mobile phone and off you go.

The only condition is that you have to adjust the mobile game controller for pubg. At PUBG I put the shooting on the left shoulder button and the right shoulder button with the scope. But you can control it as you like.

The Best Mobile Game Controller for PUBG “Viper” Mobile Game Controller:

Usability: The PUBG controller is easy for the player to use. Players only need to open the game’s settings interface, and according to their own habits, the shoot, aim, left, right these 4 buttons can be moved to the product’s contact point. No driver download is required to use this gamepad.
Practical design: Long-term use of the hands is not easily tired. The buttons on the handle are responsive and don’t block the screen view, still able to play clearly and effectively.
Extendable PUBG gamepad: Because of its retractable design, the controller can hold 4.7-6.5 inch phones. While the game requires charging, the charging cable does not hinder the smooth running of the game.

the joysticks, gamepad and ignition controller are integrated, which has an ergonomic design to make your hand feel more comfortable And travel can be mirrored for easy screen operation.
high performance conductive rubber and alloy buttons ensure fast and sensitive reactions. No power supply and drivers needed, increase your in-game performance from 4 fingers working simultaneously.
the ergonomic design, handle feels comfortable, smooth operation
The telescopic boom design allows you to adapt to different sizes of touch screen smartphones.

The holder is adjustable and has everything integrated. So it is fixed and that makes it very easy to use. There are shoulder buttons with real handles and not only on the side edge as many others and a joypad. Makes a good impression at first sight from the workmanship. It looks quite solid.

The clamping device fits smartphones from 4″ to 6,5″ and holds really well. You only have to look if the clamping jaws do not press any buttons.

My impression while playing is good. The two upper contacts for the shoulder button work reliably and can withstand a strong grip when things get really high. The joypad is too weak for me and I took it off after a short time. In my opinion the finger control is more precise.

It is good that the two contacts for the shoulder buttons can be folded up when not in use, e.g. to be able to operate the smartphone normally in the menu. I have a purchase recommendation for this.

you can buy this awesome controller from here.

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