Best Minecraft 1.6/1.6.2 Seeds Epic and Cool

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All seeds are listed below with the co-ordinates to the things such as: Villages, Strongholds etc!

  • Seed ID #1: -12
  • Seed ID #2: Dossier
  • Seed ID #3: Temple
  • Seed ID #4: rickrollin
  • Seed ID #5: -671258039


Seed ID #1

1st Desert Village: x: -202 y: 64 z: 150

2nd Desert Village: x: -720 y: 64 z: -440

Stronghold: x: -718 y: 30 z: -444

Desert Temple: x: -340 y: 64 z: 52

Mineshaft: x: 134 y: 30 z: 284

Seed ID #2

NPC Village: x: -463 y: 76 z: -730

Stronghold: x: -534 y: 64 z: -825

Seed ID #3

Ravine: x: 142 y: 44 z: 301

Seed ID #4

Jungle Temple: x: -201 y: 73 z: 196

Desert Temple: x: 95 y: 170 z: 71

Exposed Dungeon: x: 211 y: 60 z: 22

Seed ID #5

Desert Village with 9 Dimaonds: x:-387 | y:60 | z:301

Desert Temple With 6 Diamonds = x:-389 | y:65 | z:231

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