This seed was discovered by wishiwasonmaui on reddit and creates a large island complete with an NPC village, ravine, forest and lake.Minecraft Seed: 644309466

Jaffa Cake

Tankman found this seed which spawns you right outside a jungle temple containing some valuable loot!Minecraft Seed: Jaffa Cake


This seed generates an awesome elevated island at (x=50, z=250) with two exposed dungeons underneath it.Minecraft Seed: -417258576


Glen_s discovered this seed which spawns you in front of a desert temple at the intersection of three biomes.Minecraft Seed: Vancouver


This seed contains a range of interesting features including huge villages, oddly shaped mountains and a desert temple next to a lava lake at (x=180, z=160).Minecraft Seed: -4946476265006070375


This is a perfect survival seed with two small islands a short distance from each other. There is even a large mushroom island not too far away.Minecraft Seed: -787338382


Bulletblackwolf discovered this seed which generates a range of floating islands, overhangs and tall mountains around the area at (x=300, z=100).Minecraft Seed: SachaKoopman


This seed generates an NPC village, pyramid, desert well and skeleton dungeon all very close to spawn at (x=-100, z=250).Minecraft Seed: 8156338997172210726