How to Download INSTAGRAM Photos and Videos Online via INSTASAVE?With more than 500 million users around the world, Instagram is by far the most popular photo sharing application on Android. Every day, Internet users around the world post no fewer than 70 million photos. You’ve probably wondered one day if it was possible to save photos with Instasave online from the Instagram app on your smartphone. Do not search anymore. We have the answer. The answer is INSTASAVE!

For a few months, Instagram offers the possibility to save photos and videos published by other members of the network. This system is reminiscent of the bookmarks available on Internet browsers. The content is not properly spoken on your smartphone.

This is actually a huge stupid thought in which is stored all the links pointing to your favorite photos. You can then view them as many times as you want from your Instagram profile.

  • Open the Instagram application
  • Select the photo you want to keep in the Bookmarks section
  • Click the Bookmark icon

The photo or video is now stored in the Instagram application. You can then click on the bookmark icon to access it. Importantly, Instagram’s backup tool has no limitations. You can save as much content as you want.

Finally last thing. The author of the publication will not receive any notification to warn him that you have just bookmarked one of his publications. Similarly, the list of your bookmarks is totally private. Other Instagram members will not be able to access your saved content.

If you want to save photos and videos of other members of Instragram directly to your phone’s memory, you will need to go through a third-party application

This tool: INSTASAVE for pc will allow you to retrieve the photos, the videos but also the hashtags and the descriptions associated with each of the publications. The recorded contents can then be viewed in your photo gallery or shared with other applications (social networks, messaging etc.)

How to Download INSTAGRAM Photos and Videos Online via INSTASAVE?


Go to the INSTASAVE website.

How to Download INSTAGRAM Photos and Videos Online via INSTASAVE?

Press the Install button

Launch the Instagram application

Search content in your feed

Open the publication you want to save on your smartphone

Click download button



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