Minecraft 1.11 Diamond Village, Mushroom Island Seed

Seed : 9053284211242239062 You will start your game in a Taiga biome. If this one is not interesting at first sight, the neighboring biomes will interest you. We start with the discovery of a NPC Village with a perched house, west of your starting point. This village contains a forge, and the contents of it […]

Minecraft Spawn Between 2 Villages Seed

Seed : automn For Autumn, what better way to start an “autumn” card? You will start in the Taiga biome, very close to a fairly large NPC village. This one has a bookshop, a forge, and many fields. The contents of the safe are as follows: Enough obsidian to make a table of enchantment! In […]


This seed generates an awesome elevated island at (x=50, z=250) with two exposed dungeons underneath it.Minecraft Seed: -417258576

Minecraft Seeds Floating Mountains

Seed : 5578892759289888053 Remember, with the release of the Minecraft version 1.12 Pre-Release 3, Mojang published this photo You were several to ask for the seed, and Dinnerbone was kind enough to share it :-) This mountain is located just next to the spawn point (on the spawn in the forest on the left of […]

Minecraft Houses Easy – Tiny and Small House Tutorials

minecraft house tutorial step by step minecraft houses tutorial how to build a house in minecraft step by step minecraft modern house tutorial how to build a small modern house in minecraft minecraft houses blueprints how to build a modern house in minecraft step by step


[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.3 – 1.7]This seed is full of incredible scenery across a large area thousands of blocks wide. Highlights include the arch at (x=-540, z=-330) and the dramatic cave at (x=380, z=760). Thanks to Aminom for discovering a…

Triton Minecraft Texture Pack

Necklaces and Pendants by DAZZBOX shine in sterling silver and 14K gold. Browse our selections and design a necklace unique to your style. I’m the biggest fan of the Triton Minecraft Texture Pack. It has unique style and HD graphics. If you want to create your own world with advanced graphics, use triton minecraft texture […]

Minecraft Creepers

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50 MCPE Building Ideas

MCPE Castle Building Idea 1. Do you want to build a castle like this one? MCPE City Building Idea. How large is city like that! Minecraft Pocket Edition Garden Building Ideas. Like it. MCPE Herobrine Wallpaper for free use. Minecraft Pocket Edition Library Idea. What we must build in this library? Whats your opinion? MCPE […]


[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.3 – 1.7]This seed contains some amazing mountains with natural waterfalls creating a number of long rivers.Minecraft Seed: 9000.1


[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.3 – 1.7]The seed pokeylucky is full of floating islands, including some made of sand, and contains an expansive desert at (x=100, z=250).Minecraft Seed: pokeylucky


[This seed is for Minecraft 1.2]This seed was discovered by SgtLohman on Reddit and spawn you inside a skeleton dungeon. A short distance above the dungeon is a vast taiga biome.Minecraft Seed: 1736813803934715730


[This seed is for Minecraft 1.2]Minecraft 1.2 has been released and one of the major new features is the addition of jungle biomes. This seed spawns you right in the middle of a massive jungle biome surrounded by tall mountains and winding rivers.Minec…

minecraft xbox 360 seeds

50 diamonds, MCX360: Seeds, Minecraft Forum Seeds. Any Good Seeds for 2013! The most popular seeds on Minecraft Seeds List! Top 5 Minecraft Xbox 360 Best Seeds ! 1.)Glacier 2.)Dead Mau5 3.)gargamel 4.)Fight Fight Fight! 5.)youtube – used by Syndicate – lots of wood and hills Minecraft Seeds List  Artomix- jungly islands [Tested] Bambi- Has a very large […]

Best Minecraft Seeds Website on the Web!

One of the most well played games around the World is Minecraft, and when you play Minecraft there are many different Minecraft Seeds available for the Minecraft user to look through. Minecraft Seeds can do a lot for you while you are playing the game. Minecraft is a blank slate game that allows players to build objects and dig for other objects. The items they find while digging can be used to create other items such as walls and windows. In the game people can farm vegetables just like in the real world and have animals on their land that will provide them with food and articles such as wool and cloth.

Minecraft Seeds allows you to use your imagination and build buildings out of items you find, while digging on your land. It is about breaking blocks and then rebuilding them into certain buildings such as a house, farm or castle. Minecraft can also be about exploring unknown lands with your friends.

In Minecraft there are different weather types that you will experience such as rain, snow and sunshine. There is also night and day in the game so you can experience play in both.