This seed generates a large collection of jungle islands complete with lagoons and a mountain range. Credit goes to Meatslinger on Reddit for the discovery.Minecraft Seed: WorldGenerator


Temple is a classic epic mountain seed with a strange archway at (x=80, z=90).Minecraft Seed: Temple


This seed generates a jungle temple very close to spawn at (x=-200, z=300). Slightly further away at (x=-150, z=500) there is a massive NPC village with some valuable loot in the blacksmiths’ chest.Minecraft Seed: cheppa


This is a survival island seed with a twist – there is a huge mushroom biome a short distance away from the spawn island.Minecraft Seed: 41327148


This seed, discovered by PixieStix on the Minecraft forums, generates a large island with plenty of resources, mobs and cave systems.Minecraft Seed: 6882480960540749692


If you are looking for a good Minecraft 1.3 starter world, this seed is perfect. Close to spawn at (x=-390, z=300) you will find an NPC village with 9 diamonds in the blacksmith’s chest. There is also a desert temple directly in front of the village.Mi…