Super Sonic Games

Super Sonic Games

On website you can play the best Super Sonic games! We have Mario and Dark Super Sonic, Sonic Colors and Sonic Mario, as well as many other great Sonic games! And you can play them all for free and directly in your browser without having to download anything. Sonic is a video game (and cartoon) character developed by Sega. Over the years Sonic has become one of the main characters of Sega. He is not only a hedgehog, he is a Super Sonic hedgehog! Sonic can run very fast and when he rolls to a ball, he gets faster AND turns off his enemies with his hedgehog spines. This is Sonics famous Spin Attack. The first Sonic game came out in 1991 and since then Sonic is a very popular figure. For this reason, we searched the Internet for Sonic games to offer you the best collection. There are Sonic 1, Fantasy Sonic X, Sonic RPG 7 and Sonic 7. But we also have games with Sonic and other popular characters of the Sonic series, such as Sonic vs. Sonic. Knuckles and Sonic Shadow! We have many hyper Sonic games for you, so let’s play!

Super Sonic Games

New versions and variations of Sonic the Hedgehog success game series are now available free of charge in our sonic games collection. Play classic Sega Genesis action, fly through the skies in new games, or even play in the Mario world! Our 16-bit games offer many different genres, from timeless side-scrolling action to sports to puzzles. Play through unseen mazes and even race on a motorcycle as Tail’s best friend! Ultimate Flash Sonic – You can also play as Tails, fly through the levels and collect rings.

Super Sonic Games

For fans of Standard Gameplay, our fantastic collection features thematically matched Flipper and Tetris. If you are looking for new challenges, try one of our mosaic puzzles or racing adventures. No matter what gameplay, our Sonic challenges provide controls that will let you play as Tails, Dr. Robotnik and their mates without problems. Some challenges even offer one-click controls, i. You can control the entire action in the game by clicking on the mouse! All of our sonic games come with lively, flowing graphics and gameplay. Try out our sonic games today!

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