Top 10 PS3-PC Minecraft Seeds

For PC

6166048872816304: A large island in the sea. Unfortunately, without trees, but with great biomes.

2233792433261006829: There are trees and desert. In addition, caves and pyramids with gold, silver, diamond, and more. Add to that a NPC village.

23042001: Many animals, grass, mushroom trees. For this purpose, many lakes and flying blocks.

LegendOfLink: Very flat land. It has trees, a small beach and desert.

Notch * 1 Class: There are lots of trees and a few mountains.

5707733120: Good for beginners. Flat, spacious, wooded and with many caves.

1337: An ugly world with marsh and sand extinguishers.

9182185898138730048: There is a taiga and forest flowers next to each other. The flower forest is almost at spawn, the Taiga removed about 100 blocks of them.

5432198760: Many caves and large landscapes with floating islands.

100200300400500: (version 1.8.1) There is a lot of forest with a ravine in the village stands.

From Leon, 10 years, sent on 03/07/2015
2096602620151954468: (version 1.81) A forest with a lot of flat land and a medium sized village.

Top 10 PS3-PC Minecraft Seeds

For PS3

1234567890: is a great seed. Has anything really like hills, plains, etc. Only a few are not there, such as a desert.

5432198760: (1.12) A great many caves and large landscapes with floating islands.

100200300400500: (1.12) Here you respanst on an island, where again are 3 other islands. If you swim a bit to the north then you’ll see a mushroom island. And even further you will find a Desert in a temple and a village is.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Elbows: A huge village with fortress.

Sun: A village with a lot of flat land.

13377331: A great mountain, on whose summit is a large villa.

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