Top Scam Phrases in Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a very popular virtual game world for children, but it is possible even with filters in place to be scammed in the game. We are going to tell you about some of the most popular phrases that players will use if they are trying to scam another player. First, though, we wanted to tell you about how you can get a free game membership to Animal Jam, which allows you to get all of the benefits of a membership without paying for it.

You can go to and sign up for an account, which only takes a minute. Then you can complete various surveys and offers which all have point values assigned to them. Once the surveys have been approved, your account will be credited those points. You will then be able to save up your points until you have enough to redeem towards a free game membership to Animal Jam. You can get the Animal Jam membership in 1-month, 3-month, 6-month or 1-year durations, but the longer the membership the more points it will require you to have in your account for redemption. This is the best way to earn an Animal Jam membership and get the benefits without spending real money on the membership, and how long it takes you is completely up to you. Now, though, we will tell you about some of the most commonly used scam phrases in Animal Jam, which will keep you safe while you are playing either as a free member or paid member of the game.


Scam Phrases To Watch Out for in Animal Jam


“Best Gift Wins”- If you see someone say that the best gift they get wins their item then this is a scammer. What happens is you send them a gift, you win but then you never get your item in return. Never simply give someone a gift in hopes of winning a gift of theirs because this is a scammer just trying to get free items from other players.


“Best Trade Wins”- If you see someone say “Best Trade Wins my….” and then “I Decline!” this is also a scammer. In this scam, you will trade this person and item and instead of declining the item, the person accepts the item. You then are left without an item being traded back to you. Be sure to watch out for stuff like this on animal jam play wild too!


“Send me gifts because it’s my birthday!”- This is a common scam and you need to be aware of it in order to stay safe in Animal Jam. A lot of players will claim it is their birthday and that you need to send them a gift because of that. Well, most of the time it is not the birthday of the player and it is someone just wanting free gifts from other players. Just wish them happy birthday if you want but do not send them anything because probability is that it is not their birthday.


“Flash Me” or “Fish Me”- This is a scam that involves you trading a rare item but then trying to cancel it out quickly, hence the word “flash” in the scam. If you do not cancel the trade though quick enough, you end up with your rare item being gone and that is a scam.


“I decline all trades”- This is a scam where you trade a good item for a bad item just to see if the person declines it. Most of the time, the person accepts the trade and then simply disappears off the radar. This is a scam and it is something you need to stay away from.


“Tell me your password and I will…”- If someone says that they will give you an item or diamonds if you give them your password, block this person and report them. This is a huge scam where someone is simply wanting your password to hack into your Animal Jam account, and this is not acceptable. If anyone is offering you anything for your password report them immediately! Never give your password to anyone, even if someone offers you a rare item to do it.

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