18 Awesome Minecraft House Ideas

Minecraft Wooden House

Today we are going to talk about and introduce 18 Awesome Minecraft House Ideas for the Minecraft Fans. Here we go…

1) Minecraft Basic House Model

2) Minecraft Beach House Exterior

3) Minecraft Best Farm House

4) Minecraft Brick House

5) Minecraft Classic English Corner House

6) Minecraft Dream House

7) Minecraft Enderman House

8) Minecraft House Model BluePrint

9) Minecraft Mansion

10) Minecraft Modern House Number 55

11) Minecraft Modern House Blueprint

12) Minecraft Modern TreeHouse

13) Minecraft Steves House

14) Minecraft Sunrise House

15) Minecraft Teatro de L Aquila

16) Minecraft Tudor Mansion

17) Minecraft Vendetta House

18) Minecraft Wooden House

I hope you will enjoy these houses! You can watch our video bottom of the post… Do not forget to follow us…to be continued…

One thought on “18 Awesome Minecraft House Ideas”

  1. I’m really enjoy about the number 4. Create this house called “brick house” thank you Yuri! You are the best. Юрий ты наше все brother

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