Seeds; Descriptions;
fartsupurbutt –
onedirectionissexy AMAZING!
drinkmypee huge mountains
F*ckmyf*ck1212 lots of trees, flowers, water
bigcave supercaves!
mountainsndiamonds lots of mountains and diamonds!
memyselfandi Floating blocks, waterfall and cave near spawn point
jpgaming lots of gold and irons!
animation huge lava fall, tons of caves and a couple of waterfalls.
myponyeatspizza good for beginners to survival
Big Daddy great worlds
wigglewiggle good seed if you want TONS of snow
headbug –
MohnbrotLP –
bite flat land, in some places large lake moutains
Jungle you will find lots of iron only 5 blocks down!
Notch Find out what’s inside!
coal it has a water fall and lots of coal and iron
1361263718 good terrain
1360872978 epic terrain
black hole it has huge mountains
timmylovesbasketball it’s nice with lots of sand and other resources
lovelolpanda amazing seed has lods of super tall mountains
dumbocow it’s EPIC!!
shutyourpiehole There is a giant cliff where you spawn
larder pingp awesome!
creeper17 –
castle you will find coal and iron above ground

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