With the Seed “-109 730 929” you get offered a lot! (of course without the “but the negative part of the seed)

In the coordinate x: 117 z: 290 there is a beautiful desert village with 11 houses and when you go to Sandsteinweg from the village to the other side you will find directly by the wayside a pyramid (content of the boxes: gold, iron, bone, rotten meat) ,

Next, there are at x: 80 and z: 241 at the height y: 57 a dungeon with Spinnenspawner and a crate. And if you dig from the likes x and z coordinates 10 blocks down, so you can find another dungeon with Spinnenspawner and two boxes.

Something away in the forest area at x: 0 and z: 308 2 gorges directly above one another. You come because of height 64 to 11 on the large lava down. There is quite a bit of Redstone kinda lapis lazuli gold iron and coal and rarely even a diamond in the lateral ventricles. (The coordinates of diamonds, I will not give in, because ye nice even looking).

Even a winter wonderland is next door. It is very hilly and you can through caves under the hills to go through. (Winter Wonderland, it is only for people who like to enjoy scenery)

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