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  1. what is enderman?

    An Enderman is a three-block-high humanoid neutral mob that spawns occasionally in the Overworld at light levels of 7 or less, and densely populates The End. Endermen will turn hostile when provoked. They are known for their spooky presentation, their unique abilities to pick up blocks and teleport, their vulnerability to water, and the odd noises they emit.
    Endermen are a source of Ender Pearls (the other being stronghold chests), which are useful both in their own right and as a crafting ingredient in Eyes of Ender, which are necessary to reach the The End.
    Endermen can be provoked via an attack or by simply looking at them (placing the crosshairs on their upper bodies from up to 64 blocks away). When provoked, Endermen stand still, stare at the player with trembling, gaping mouths, and emit a long, loud, unsettling noise, before teleporting towards the player to attack.
    Endermen frequently spawn in The End, their home world, but still require a light level of seven or less in order to spawn. They will also spawn in the Overworld, although about 10 times more rarely than other mobs. They spawn in pairs, and can be seen regularly at night in groups of up to five. However, they will very often teleport away carelessly, so you will most likely see only one or two at a time.

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