Epic Rickrollin Seed for 1.3.1

this is the epic seed of minecraft called “rickrollin” Best seed of 1.3.1 version of minecraft. This is the inventory of the seed rickrollin. You can find extra bones, irons, diamonds..

Jungle temple with 9 diamonds: -201, 73, 196 (Code to unlock secret room, flip the levers in order: Left, Right, Middle)

Half buried pyramid with loot! At: 95, 170, 71

Dersert well: -49, 69, 141

Exposed Zombie dungeon: 211, 60, 22

Village with blacksmith with huge cave system containing lots of different minerals: 322, 70, -246

Seed rickrollin

source: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1419105-131seed-rickrollin/



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