Huge List of Mushroom Biome Seeds

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lost: Spawns you on the beach of a jungle with a little patch of mycelium. Swim out to sea and there is more

878235762112:This seed spawns you on a beach, but if you turn around you will see a small village with a big path. Pretend the path is an arrow and follow it to the mushrooms.

metroidprime: Mushroom biome at x 548, y 76, z 73

367859649667251486: Nice mushroom biome near spawn.

-7557528440318950042: Small cowless mushroom biome east of spawn.

41327148: Large mushroom island near the spawn island.

4034517597623771162: Good mushroom island on Large Biomes mode.

total chaos 1414: Awesome floating mushroom island.

4: Mushroom islands near the swamp you spawn in.

97294842: Mushroom islands at X= -1295   Y= 64   Z= 181 He must have a good channel if it gives mushrooms. The biome is connected to the forest across the ocean from spawn.


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