An Atari 2600 emulator under Minecraft, a true, capable of reading real Atari ROMs!
Are there any limitations in what can be done in Minecraft with the redstone? By for SethBling it seems, since it pushes once again a bit further the borders of the redstone with its latest map: an Atari 2600 emulator.
As a reminder the Atari was one of the first mainstream computers, especially known for its video games. It was a very simple machine, but it was a real computer. So it’s a real computer, complete, that SethBling has managed to reproduce in redstone in Minecraft.
It emulated each of the components of the original machine: A part for the processor, a part for the RAM, a part for the graphics card, it is even able to re-read the original ROM of the Atari, For that the bits of the roms are represented in Minecraft in the form of block: the rock for the 0, the earth for the 1.
The only downside in this feat: the Atari is certainly a little powerful machine, but are processor was still much faster than the redstone of Minecraft, emulations games are slow, terribly slow … and therefore unplayable :-( The simple display of a single image takes several minutes (almost 10min per image), but that does not detract from the feat.

Download Minecraft Atari 2600 Emulator Map 1.11

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