Minecraft Big Desert Pyramid Seed with Huge Villages 1.10

Seed : axe

From the beginning of the game, you will see that a pyramid stands in front of you. The latter is half buried beneath sand and earth. Inside, one of the chests will be really interesting, since it contains 2 enchanted books! Another chest will contain emerald and golden apples.

Towards the west, just behind you is a crevasse, it will take you directly to the middle depths, you will have to dig to reach the bottom. If you continue west, you will find a NPC village on the edge of a black forest. This village goes right into the forest and presents a forge. The content of the forge is really interesting, obsidian and some iron equipment. You have the obsidian necessary to make your table of enchantment!

This village is partially built on a gallery. A flaw is visible alongside crops.

Now, we will have to find the 2nd pyramid and the 2nd village of NPC.
To do this, go east, cross the desert to find a pyramid at the foot of the dunes. [91,71,192]

And finally, to find the village of NPC, you will have to travel a little.
To do this, head north to reach the savanna. The village will not be very far and is on horseback between the river and the land. [-195, 73, -683]

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