Minecraft Broville v11 Map

Broville is a huge city, close to a thousand buildings and many exclusive biomes are waiting to be explored …
Broville is a very detailed city, surrounded by a continent shaped by hand in Minecraft. It is a map of exploration, construction (or destruction), fruit of the work of more than 60 people for 4 years, block after block, without any script, no copy / paste.
More than 800 buildings make up the city of Broville, all very detailed: houses, shops, offices, restaurants, hotels, clubs, etc. Redstone systems are hidden in the map to surprise us in our exploration, creating original scenarios. The best adventurers will be able to collect the exclusive items hidden in the map).
Around the city there are unique biomes, also made by hand: mountains, canyons, dense jungle, hot deserts, and so on. Secrets are hidden in these scenery: lost ruins, a hidden military complex, a top secret laboratory, and many other mysteries.

How to Install Broville

Extract the folder “Broville v11.1” present in the zip file in your folder “saves”
Optional: If you want to enjoy the texture pack of the map, copy the Brotherie Craft v1.0 Resource Pack.zip file into your “resourcepacks” folder
Maps of the city are available in the folder “Maps Images”

Broville Map Video

Download Broville v11 Minecraft Map

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