A crazy map realized in only 3 days gathering full of various tests
Today I present you a map created by DeathWippers following a challenge that was launched: It had to realize this map in only three days! The challenge was successfully met, and he allowed himself to give a “ridiculous” look to his creation.

Story: You are locked in a cell when you arrive, however due to a forgetfulness of the workers you go out through a hole in the ground. You then arrive in a laboratory where you meet CL4P-TR4P, an artificial intelligence that will make you suffer with a hint of humor and reflections on society. Very soon you will understand that this entity is hostile and will have to try to destroy it …

This map has a duration of approximately 15 minutes.

You will find descriptive pictures above, I also leave a video of my creation where I present the map if you want to know more


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