You play as a giant worm, your goal is to exterminate all traces of life
This game is in 2D, you play as a giant verse, your goal is to exterminate all trace of life of the map.

When you launch the map for the first time you arrive on an interactive menu:

It is from this screen that you can reset the world if you want to start a game again.

To move you use the arrow keys of the keyboard, but you will be able to control your worm only when it is in the earth, in the other subjects it makes good of itself.

You start your game with 100 points, this number decreases by 1 every second. To regain points you must kill enemies: +10 points per enemy killed. The round ends when all enemies are dead.

It is a very neat map, with a personalized menu, unique gameplay, atmosphere, music and new mobs, and yet this map works entirely on Minecraft 1.10 without any mod or pack of external texture, just copy the map Map and everything works.


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