Minecraft Extreme Golf Map (Ender Pearl)

Play golf in Minecraft: this map offers you a 7-hole golf course, 2 different clubs and even a cart to move faster.
Play golf in Minecraft!

This map proposes a golf course of 7 holes, 2 different clubs and even a cart to move faster.

You start the game in your room, the alarm clock rings: get up and follow the red arrow to take your golf cart:

This cart will allow you to move faster. To climb in front of you, you have to right click on it (or more exactly at the level of the shadow of the car, which is not always below):

Follow the dirt road to get to the first hole.
Throw a ball on the ground to place it on the Tee indicated by the red arrow:

Then choose your club (a light, not very powerful but precise, or a heavy one, allowing to shoot farther but less precise) and place on the side of the ball.

Make a quick right click to start the power mechanism: your club gets up slowly. Make a second right click to validate the punching force and type in the ball:

Then pick up your cart and follow the next dirt road that will take you to the next hole.

This map works in solo and multiplayer mode, on Minecraft 1.9 or 1.10 (and probably the following ones), without any mod or any pack of external texture! Simply copy the map to your Minecraft “save” folder and it works.

Can be downloaded from the official website by clicking on the link “Official site” at the bottom of this article.


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