Minecraft Giant Mushroom Island Seed 1.10

Seed : possible

You will start underwater. You will have to climb immediately to the surface so as not to run out of air! Once on the surface, you will be close to a tiny island with some trees. You will be able to establish your base camp here if it suits you. Know that there is a hole leading to the depths of the earth. This gallery descends to the level of the lava. If you go north from this island, you will find the famous island with mushrooms! [312,66,70].

This biome is quite large, moreover there are several entrances to underground galleries!
Of course, you will find the vachampignon, which will provide you with food!

There will also be not far from your island 2 submarine temples:
– The first one is located to the south of your small island, in [-79, 63, 717]
– The second is to the east of your starting point, in [192, 63, 366]

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