Minecraft Horses, Stables, Villages Seed

Seed : 98000

From your point of departure [89, 71, 242] you will see that around you, many animals will be visible: Horses, cows, donkeys, and pigs.

This rich wildlife plain will allow you to choose the horse of your choice.

Head south / west [-213, 69, 581] to find a first NPC village behind Savannah Reliefs.

Note the presence of pigs and sheep nearby.
To the south-east of your position [583, 69, 539], you will find a pyramid.

After visiting this building, continue south (599, 75, 727) to find another NPC village, with a forge.

Finally, the last village of NPC (the largest and with a forge) is located beyond the ocean that lies north of your starting point.
This village is located by the sea [177, 95, -431], enough to make a beautiful beach!

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