Minecraft How to Make a Simple Sugar Cane Farm

A Minecraft simple sugar cane farm that can be extended as desired. It works with the observer blocks.


List for one module
1 Redstone
1 water bucket
1 sand, grass, earth or red sand block
1 sugar cane
At least 1 funnel
At least 1 chest
1 normal piston
List for the shown plant
8 Redstone
2 water buckets
Creates an infinite source of water, filling the rest of the holes; later more
8 Sand, grass, earth or red sand blocks
8 Sugar cane
16 funnel
2 chests
8 normal pistons

How to Make a Simple Sugar Cane Farm

Place the blocks, the water, the fertile block and the cane on it.

Place the piston and the observer.

“Wired” the piston with a block and some redstone.

Place the rest of the materials as shown.

Optional features

You can expand this module as you wish; The following is important:
Use two water buckets, create infinite water sources and fill all holes
You can continue the Redstone line forever, as an observer outputs an output of 15
Once a cane reaches the observer, all the flasks are activated, resulting in faster yield
It does not matter how you place the funnel, the main thing is that they lead to the crate in the middle

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