Minecraft Map “Dayse” 1.10

DAYSE is a map composed of several levels, different difficulty. To move to a next level, find and press the hidden button. With musical atmosphere.
In this map, the objective is to find a button, hidden anywhere on the maps, is to press it to move to the next level.

The map is composed of 12 levels:
5 Easy
5 Normal
1 Difficult
1 Ultra Hard
The levels are richly decorated rooms, different themes and different atmospheres.

The archive has a resource pack, activated to enjoy the musical atmosphere of the map.

Some rules are all likewise to respect (rule recalled at the beginning of the map):
1) Do not take objects in frames
2) Do not break armor doors
3) Play with a display distance to 16 chunks
4) Go into adventure mode; If you have a problem, the creative mode is accessible by doing: / setblock 1 4 3 air
5) Get peaceful


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