Seed : 3947884407906625738

This seed brings together several rare biomes with few distances, this is all its interest. Your starting point [-11, 75, -173] is on the border of a flowered biome and a Mesa. To the south, you will notice the red lands that extend very far to the south. You will find variations such as the Mesa Forest Plateau [-18, 102, 290]. If you want to go mountaineering, you should know that in the north of your starting point there are beautiful snow-covered massifs. The first is not very far. [170, 78, -459] If you continue your journey always towards the north, another more marked massif will stand in front of you. [53, 96, -1130] An immense ark will then emerge. Now we will travel east. (Always from your starting point)
Cross a small part of the Canyon to land on a plain with a crevice. [496, 70, -178]. A little further, a large jungle crossing reliefs and ponds will shelter many watermelons and animals. [659, 70, -23]
Note that it also has several crevasses and offers some variants such as tropical mountains
Now let’s look at the west, to find a more abundant fauna. [-393, 79, -108]
A variant of the mountain biomes will then rise. Arid tracts, absence of vegetation, but presences of cows and chickens. Continuing even further in this direction you will find a plain with many horses. [-990, 70, -254]

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