minecraft seeds extreme hills: this seed is for minecraft 1.8.6, 1.7

At ground-level the inside of the spawn mountain includes a lake and pools created from the mountain waterfalls. one in all the waterfalls is particularly monumental, overrun twenty five blocks wide. As we have a tendency to mentioned, this is often a follower submission. Thanks quit to Epic Minecraft Fan, Shinaen. Here’s what he had to mention concerning the seed:

This seed has multiple immense mountains, that go on top of clouds, with caves, water and volcanic rock falls at spawn purpose. I’ve ne’er seen therefore epic mountain seed before. it’s fully insane!

minecraft extreme hills biome seeds

  • 5574457897082764526
  • -9065479248748140566
  • 4990230864763762805
  • -8679073135842452973
  • -8565911531030881739
  • 9005524408327168220
  • 1776267154993242836
  • -5209793026980777819
  • 2178644165272476558

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