Minecraft Spawn Between 2 Villages Seed

Seed : automn

For Autumn, what better way to start an “autumn” card?

You will start in the Taiga biome, very close to a fairly large NPC village. This one has a bookshop, a forge, and many fields.
The contents of the safe are as follows: Enough obsidian to make a table of enchantment!

In addition to the presence of cows and sheep, you will have access to plenty of food through the many crops further into the forest. Going east [270, 75, 94], you will encounter impressive mountains, enough to fill your pockets with emeralds and trade. To get to the biome mushroom, you will have to cross the ocean. Sail to the setting sun. You will pass by a submarine temple. If you see it is that you are on the right track.
After a few shots, you will approach the biome mushroom! [-1253, 70, 170]

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