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You find that Minecraft has become too easy for an experienced player like you? Even the hardcore mode has become too easy? Well, I have a new challenge for you.

Here is the Ultra Hardcore map preset for a patient player, experienced and thirsty for challenge of all kinds. On this preset, the mountains and hills are a little bit rounded to create a vast and interesting field visually without creating additional slowing down. These mountains can, despite their pretty visuals, be your worst enemy in your epic adventure. Equip yourself with a good shoe before venturing into it.
To add to this, the minerals are half rarer than usual. For example, an iron iron with about 4 to 6 iron ores is now limited to 3 or 4 at most. And this small system is applicable for all other types of ores.
Living in such a hell will be worthy of a miracle for a single player, especially if you increase difficulty in hardcore for maximum challenge. Even the craziest cubic man would not venture there.

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