Minecraft Underwater Temple Seed with Desert Islands

Seed : cerise

Here is your starting point [-118, 73, 240]. A completely deserted island.

Go east [-13, 70, 202] to reach the other small island, but with a little more vegetation. From there, you have the choice:
– Either you live peacefully on your island, and you explore the oceanic basement in search of wealth.
– Either you migrate far from the island (no matter the direction / direction) to dock to the edge of a continent.

In this ocean, you will have near your point of appearance 2 submarine temples:

The first is within sight [-183, 65, 105]. Turn your head to see it.

The second is in the east [300, 64, 170] from your point of appearance.

Arm yourself with patience, explore the 2 temples and plan in one to make it a city of the great sea! Poseidon will be grateful to you!

This seed is suitable for Minecraft 1.8.8

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Minecraft Underwater City Temple Seed at Spawn

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